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Civil Society - Refugee Actions & Campaigns

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rormovement_initiatives.jpgSince the 1948 Nakba, Palestinian refugees and internally displaced have struggled for the implementation of their rights to return, restitution and compensation based on international law. On this page you will find contacts information for Palestinian refugee and refugee rights organizations around the world, news of campaigns for the defense and implementation of Palestinian refugee rights, as well as important documents that have emerged out of the Palestinian refugee return movement.

Refugee Self-Organization

In the early 1990s, Palestinian refugees and the internally displaced (IDPs) initiated new efforts aimed at self-organization and empowerment in response to the absence of explicit references to refugee rights, relevant UN resolutions (e.g., General Assembly Res. 194 and Security Council Res. 237) and international law from agreements signed by Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). These initiatives aimed to lobby the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Palestinian Authority (PA), Israel and the international community to negotiate durable solutions consistent with UN resolutions and international law. They were as much an expression of concern about the exclusion of specific rights from these agreements as they were a popular demand for better representation in the political process.

A Community-Based Effort

Basic agenda and guidelines for a community-based campaign for the right of return were defined in a series of popular conferences convened in 1995 and 1996 throughout historic Palestine. The popular refugee conferences and the prospect of final status negotiations on the refugee issue in 1999-2000 led to the gradual expansion of the loosely organized right of return network. The Global Palestine Right of Return Coalition was officially established in 2001 enabling partners in the Middle East, Europe and North America to organize joint initiatives and develop unified strategies for Palestinian refugee rights as part of a comprehensive solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

BADIL Refugee Rights Campaign

BADIL's refugee rights campaign facilitates partnership-based initiatives with local Palestinian and international organizations to strengthen refugee identity, promote refugee unity, and empower initiatives of refugee self-organization for Palestinian refugee rights. Activities include local and regional workshops on refugee rights; support for rallies, community lobbying and the establishment of a formal framework of coordination of local refugee community and right of return initiatives; study tours to villages of origin and other refugee cases; discussion and debate about Palestinian refugee rights with progressive sectors of Jewish-Israeli society; and, cooperation with similar initiatives of displaced and landless peoples.

For more information on the campaign contact:

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  • Campaign Organizer at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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