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(5 July 2017) BADIL’s engagement with the UN Special Procedures: Universal Periodic Review

As part of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and in the 50th year since the beginning of the occupation, BADIL submitted a follow-up report on 29 June 2017 to update the Committee on the contemporary status of Israel’s human rights record.  Detailing Israel’s colonization of occupied territory under the guise of belligerent occupation, the report emphasizes three main elements of colonization: changing the demographic composition of the oPt, annexation and exploitation, and domination polices. The first, manipulation of demography, includes the implantation of colonizers into the oPt and the forcible transfer of Palestinians through coercive environments. BADIL highlighted the particular coercive environments found in Area H2 of Hebron, East Jerusalem, Area C of the West Bank, and Gaza.  BADIL’s report also emphasizes the de facto and de jure annexation of Palestinian land. Moreover, it highlights the system of domination imposed by Israel, including its implementation of a discriminatory legal system, policies aimed at imposing Israeli sovereignty and suppressing Palestinian communities and lawful resistance, and illegal exploitation of Palestinian natural resources.

BADIL’s previous report submitted to the UPR on 30 September 2013 focuses on how Israel has denied the right of reparations, namely the right of Palestinian refugees and IDPs to return to their homes of origin. The report discusses land confiscation, the discriminatory legal system which prevents the right of return, and highlights the case of the Absentee Property Law, a major tool Israel uses to dispossess the Palestinian people.