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Home al-Majdal Palestinian Refugees: Reclaiming the Right of Return (Spring 1999) A New Palestinian and International Initiative for Palestinian Refugee Rights: Proposed Agenda

A New Palestinian and International Initiative for Palestinian Refugee Rights: Proposed Agenda

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Now, in the 51st year of the Palestinian exile, time is ripe for launching a new effort at building international solidarity with Palestinian refugees. There are many reasons why such an effort is needed now: the political negotiations in the framework of the Oslo Accords have proved unable to provide for a solution to the Palestinian refugee question which would meet standards of basic justice and international law; high expectations from and support of the Oslo Accords has diverted international attention and support away from the needs and concerns of Palestinian refugees, causing alienation, disillusionment, and frustration; and, Palestinian refugees have not remained idle. Five years after the signing of the Oslo Accords, the debate among dispersed refugee communities has resulted in a preliminary consensus about agenda, priorities, and strategies of the future struggle for Palestinian refugee rights. Based on these developments and circumstances, we invite international friends and partners to join our campaign and to help make the struggle for Palestinian refugee rights a concerted effort.


Three Fields of Action for International Solidarity:

i. Support and facilitation of the work of Palestinian refugee initiatives and NGOs in their respective countries of exile;
ii. Tackling the problem of decreasing UNRWA support by the donor states;
iii. Developing new and creative ways of raising the Palestinian right of return by the connecting the Palestinian case to the current international debate about restitution. Cases of note include restitution of the victims of the Nazi crimes in Europe and land claims of indigenous peoples.

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