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Home al-Majdal Palestinian Refugees: Reclaiming the Right of Return (Spring 1999) Comparison of Palestinian Refugee Losses Evaluations

Comparison of Palestinian Refugee Losses Evaluations

Written by  BADIL Staff

(million Palestinian pounds, 1948)
Type UNPCC Arab High Committee Sayigh Kubursi

General Notes:
Jerusalem and village share is calculated based on percentage of refugees out of total refugee population in 1948. Villages include those annexed to Jerusalem after the 1948: Lifta, ‘Ayn Karim, Dayr Yasin and Malha.

Overall, Kubursi assigns a value of 743.05 million Palestinian pounds to total Palestinian Arab refugee property losses. If human capital losses are included, this figure rises to 1,176 million Palestinian pounds while the inclusion of compensation for psychological damage and pain would produce a total figure of 1,424 million Palestinian pounds or $253,000 million in 1994 US dollars.

Sources: UN Palestine Conciliation Documents and Atif Kubursi, Palestinian Losses in 1948: The Quest for Precision. Washington, DC: The Center for Policy Analysis on Palestine, 1996.




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