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Home al-Majdal Palestinian Refugees: Reclaiming the Right of Return (Spring 1999) Americans Questioned About Palestinian Lost Assets

Americans Questioned About Palestinian Lost Assets

Written by  BADIL Staff

October Poll

Question 2: One of every two Palestinians lost land or other assets when Israel was created in 1948. Now that the US intervened in getting Switzerland and other countries to give compensation for Jewish losses in World War II, do you agree or disagree that the US should intervene to get Israel to pay compensation to Palestinian survivors?

Agree 35.9
Disagree 37.3
Not sure 26.8

Easterners (44.2%), 18-29 year olds (48.5%), Hispanics (45.9%), and those earning more than $75,000 a year (44.4%) are the most likely to agree that [the US] should intervene on behalf of Palestinians seeking compensation, while those living in the South (41.7%), Republications (44%) and African Americans (42%) are the most likely to disagree.
Source: Center for Policy Analysis on Palestine




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