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Home al-Majdal Palestinian Refugees: Reclaiming the Right of Return (Spring 1999) Jerusalem ID-Card Confiscation 1996 – 1998: Official Israeli Data

Jerusalem ID-Card Confiscation 1996 – 1998: Official Israeli Data

Written by  BADIL Staff
Year IDs Confiscated
1996 689
1997 606
1998 788*

*(of them: Palestinians living abroad: 618 Palestinians living in the West Bank: 170)
The number of ID card confiscations increased dramatically in the last quarter of 1998 (official cases reported for January-August 1998 were 346). The number of Palestinian Jerusalemites evicted by ID card confiscation between 1996 – 1998 stands at 2,083 families, i.e. roughly 8,332 individuals



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