Statement on Israeli Annexation

the Culmination of Israeli Displacement,

Colonization, and Apartheid

BADIL’s Genearal Assemby

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On the Occasion of World Refugee Day:

Trump's Dismissal of Palestinian Refugees

Threatens International Law

European Union grants

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Exclusion of BADIL

As the attack on BADIL has intensified due to its rejection to accept politically conditional funding, we have noticed that there are a number of pages on Facebook that are using BADIL’s name and logo and posting lies in order to distort the picture of our organization. For clarification, we only have two pages, one in Arabic and one in English. We also wanted to inform you that in no way are we responsible for anything that has been posted on any other pages not listed above.

Second BADIL General Assembly Convened

On 4 May 2001, BADIL’s General Assembly convened for the second time in the spirit of defiance of the Israeli repression and restrictions of movement imposed on the 1967 occupied Palestinian West Bank. 42 members and guests convened in two sessions held parallel at BADIL’s offices (Southern West Bank) and at Yafa Cultural Center/Balata Camp (Northern West Bank).

The General Assembly discussed and approved BADIL’s 2000 annual report and issued recommendations for BADIL’s new three-year plan 2002 – 2004. In particular, the General Assembly recommended to upgrade BADIL networking and cooperation with partners in the Arab world and called for the expansion of BADIL community support projects, in order to assist refugee community organizations in coping with the difficult circumstances caused by Israeli violence and repression. Moreover, BADIL’s General Assembly approved the membership of additional ten right-of-return activists, thus enlarging its size to 51 members.

The report presented by BADIL’s Oversight Committee marked with satisfaction the contribution of BADIL in awareness raising and lobbying for the Palestinian right of return in the year 2000, and called upon members of the General Assembly, and especially the elected Board, to intensify their efforts in developing and guiding the institution.

Against the background of the logistic difficulties imposed by the Israeli occupation in convening the General Assembly meeting, it was decided to extend the mandate of BADIL’s current Board and Oversight Committee for a second period and to hold elections only at the next General Assembly meeting in 2002. The following members were thus affirmed in their positions:


Salem Abu Hawwash, Head of Board (Doura/Hebron)
Tayseer Nasrallah, Deputy Head of Board (Yafa Cultural Center/Balata Camp)
Adnan Ajarmeh, Secretary (Popular Committees/Aida Camp)
Bassam Abu ‘Aker, Treasurer (Youth Activity Center/Aida Camp)
Dr. Nayef Jarrad (Political Advisor, PNC-West Bank, Tulkarem)
Faisal Salameh (Popular Committees/Tulkarem Camp)
Ahmad Ass’ad (Head, Palestinian National Institutions-Toubas, al-Far’ah Camp)
Afif Ghatashe (Union of Youth Activity Centers, al-Fawwar Camp)
Dr. Adnan Shehadeh (Union of Youth Activity Centers, ‘Arroub Camp)


Wissal al-Salem (Head, Women’s Activity Center, Nur Shams Camp)
Rajeh al-Til (Dahriyya/Hebron)
Samir ‘Odeh (Youth Activity Center/Aida Camp)

In Solidarity – and until Return and Self-determination,

BADIL Resource Center