BADIL’s Engagement with

the 28th special session of

the Human Rights Council

BADIL’s participation in

the United Nations Forum on

the Question of Palestine

BADIL's Statement: The silence and biased responses

of the international community

fuel Israel's crimes

Letter from BADIL to the Swiss Minister of Foreign Affairs

in response to his statement on UNRWA

Our return is not a dream

BADIL’s participated

in Dublin, Ireland

in the Palestinian Freedom Conference

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Available Now! Al-Majdal, Issue No. 5, March 2000

English language quarterly for the Promotion of Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights 
Publisher: BADIL Resource Center 
Annual subscription fee (4 issues): US $20 

Our March issue of AL-MAJDAL is dedicated to stocktaking of past achievements and  
suggestions for future development of a broad, community-based Campaign for Palestinian  
refugees' right of return and restitution. International Refugee Law, international human rights  
fora, international treaty-based bodies (mainly UN Committees), as well as domestic legal  
systems are presented as potentially useful tools for the protection and enforcement of  
Palestinian refugee rights. 

This issue of Al-MAJDAL also contains: 

  • Activity Update: Campaign for the Defense of Palestinian Refugee Rights: Return Rally in  Nazareth; 
  • Activist Workshop on international protection of Palestinian refugees; 
  • Summary of events on the Palestinian Land Day (30 March); 
  • Survey of Israeli laws used for the expropriation of Palestinian lands (1948 - 2000); 
  • Reportage about West Bank Bedouin: The New Refugees? 
  • Update: Israeli-Palestinian Final Status Negotiations; 
  • Workshop Report: The Future of UNRWA (London, February 2000); 
  • Jerusalem ID Card Confiscation: Update 1999; 
  • Feature: The Baramki House - a Case of Stolen Heritage in a Colonized Jerusalem; 
  • Interview: Palestine in the Eyes of a British Mandate Soldier (1947/8); 
  • Refugee Voices; 
  • In Our Own Affairs: BADIL General Assembly Convened. 

For subscription orders, please send a check of US $20 (US$ or equivalent in your local  
currency) to BADIL Resource Center.

For more information contact: BADIL Resource Center, PO Box 728, Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine; tel/fax. 972-2-274-7346; email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..