“Walking or Crawling We Will Return”

Israeli Demolitions of Palestinian Bedouin Homes

Constitute Acts of Forcible Transfer

Resignation of the Special Rapporteur for the occupied Palestinian territory

highlights the necessity of ending Israeli impunity

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Protests Organized in Support of the Right of Return

The National Committee 
for the Rights of the Internally Displaced

The National Committee for the Rights of the Internally Displaced is organizing a series of protests in support of the right of return for Palestinian refugees and internally displaced and against American and Israeli attempts to impose their proposals for resettlement that aim to extinguish the Palestinian refugee issue. The internally displaced continue to demand implementation of the right of return and reject all resettlement proposals regardless of the sponsor. 

In accordance with the above, we call upon our people to participate in a protest demonstration organized for Wednesday, 26 July 2000 at 5:00 pm in front of the American Embassy in Tel-Aviv, and to also to participate in the demonstration organized in Nazareth (Al-Khanoq) on Friday, 28 July 2000, at 2:00 pm.
  Yes for the return of Palestinian refugees and displaced No for compensation and settlement proposals    

National Committee 
for the Rights of the Internally Displaced
in Israel 

For more information, contact:
Wakim Wakim: 051-381102
Suleiman Fahmawi: 050-267679
Badil Friends Committee: 
Ibrhaim Abu Srour: 02-2747346