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Raja Za'atri
Raja Za'atri

Raja Za'atri

Raja Za’atri is editor of the Arabic newspaper al-Ittihad published in Haifa.


Today there are about 150,000 Bedouin Arab inhabitants of the Naqab (Negev). Half of them live in seven villages recognized by Israel: Rahat, Tel as-Sabe, Ararat, an-Naqab, al-Leqiyah, Shaqeeb as-Salam, Horah, and Kaseefa. The remainder live in some 45 'unrecognized villages' that lack basic necessities such as water, electricity and public services including education and health. These communities suffer (more than Jewish communities) from environmental contaminants emitted by the Dimona nuclear facility, local industrial plants and the many garbage dumps in the area.

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