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Shraga Elam

Shraga Elam

Shraga Elam is an Israeli investigative journalist based in Zurich/Switzerland. In the mid-80’s he began his research about the Nazi Judeocide and on the role of the Jewish Agency at that time. In 2000 Elam published a book in German on the cooperation between the Nazis and the JA leadership. He exposed from the mid-1990’s onwards several explosive affairs concerning Switzerland during the Nazi era. In 2004 he won the prestigious Australian Gold Walkley Award for his revelation about the Swiss accounts of three prominent Australian figures by the Israeli Bank Leumi (Switzerland).

Since 1995 Jewish organizations have been leading an aggressive restitution campaign to reclaim dormant assets belonging to Jewish victims of the Nazi regime in Europe. In 1997 the same issue was raised in Israel but it has not been pursued with similar ferocity nor success.

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