Conferences and Tours

BADIL organizes and participates in conferences that highlight issues related to refugees and IDPs, and the Israeli policies of displacement. Those conferences are platforms for BADIL to offer its analysis of the ongoing displacement of Palestinians and the violations of their basic rights, and are an opportunity to advance its vision of the rights-based solution for refugees and IDPs.

BADIL organizes study tours for Palestinian refugees and activists to countries repairing the damage of conflicts and massive displacement. Study tours provide on-the-ground learning opportunities to witness how return and housing and property restitution are implemented in other refugee cases. Tours include meetings with international agencies, national and local governmental officials, non-governmental organizations, and refugee themselves.

Throughout the year, BADIL hosts international delegations and groups for briefings on the Palestinian refugee issue and the rights-based solution by providing a historic and contemporary legal analysis of Palestinian displacement. BADIL also provides tours to areas under the threat of displacement and to refugee communities. Individuals, organizations and academic institutions may schedule a briefing and/or tour with BADIL via email by contacting the Administrative and Financial Affairs Unit Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.