BADIL’s participation in

the United Nations Forum on

the Question of Palestine

95 civil society organizations call on the HRC

to launch a ‘Commission of Inquiry’

into violence against Palestinians

BADIL's Statement: The silence and biased responses

of the international community

fuel Israel's crimes

Letter from BADIL to the Swiss Minister of Foreign Affairs

in response to his statement on UNRWA

Our return is not a dream

BADIL’s participated

in Dublin, Ireland

in the Palestinian Freedom Conference

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Invitation to: Demonstration of Women, Foreign Nationals in Occupied Palestine


On: Sunday, 3 December 2000
At: Bethlehem
Meeting Point: ICRC, at 11:45 am
The demonstrators will march from the ICRC to the Nativity Square

Women and Children, Foreign Nationals in Occupied Palestine - Please Join Us! Let's Send a Strong Message to Our Governments! 

Despite the fact that the international community is turning its back on Palestine and withdrawing its nationals, we have remained. Along the lines of similar marches already held in Ramallah and Jerusalem, our march aims to highlight that we are here and joining the Palestinian community in the protest against the continued Israeli occupation and violation of international law and conventions. As eye-witnesses and as people who have shared the human suffering caused by Israel's massive use of military force against civilian targets, we call upon the international community to put an end to the collective punishment of the Palestinian people. 

This demonstration is organized by the Greek-Palestine Women's Society. For further information, please contact: Roula Hadwa, tel. 02-2742692