PNGO & PHROC organized an event on the occasion of

the international Day of Solidarity with

the Palestinian people

BADIL’s Engagement

in the 2017 UN Forum on

Business and Human Rights

Israel starts implementing

Greater Jerusalem plans

in al-Walaja

BADIL releases Working Paper No. 21

on Land Confiscation

and Denial of Use

BADIL releases

Working Paper No.20 on Denial of Access to

Natural Resources and Services

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New Data on Jerusalem ID Confiscation in 1998; New Issue of BADIL quarterly

Official Israeli Data on ID Card Confiscation in Jerusalem in 1998 

According to the data released by the Israeli Interior Ministry in early October 1998, 346 Jerusalem identity cards have been confiscated from Palestinian Jerusalemites by the Ministry in the period January - August 1998. According to the Ministry’s spokeswoman Tova Elinson, 270 of these ID cards belonged to Palestinians living abroad. This rate of ID card confiscations is similar to the rate documented for 1997 and 1998.  

Month Number of ID cards confiscated
January 57
February  71
March  54
April  9 
May 132
June 9
July   --
August  14
Total 1-8/98 346 

Newly Released by BADIL:  
Issue no. 25 (September 1998) of ARTICLE 74 Bulletin for the Promotion of Palestinian Residency & Refugee Rights, 16 pages 

Palestinian Refugees - Five Years After Oslo 
- New Israeli-Palestinian Position Paper on Refugee Question (Harvard University) 
- BADIL Field Report: Refugees in the West Bank & the Gaza Strip; 
- UNRWA’s Financial Crisis - Refugee Protests Continue 
Ethnic Cleansing & Resistance in Jerusalem 
- SUMOUD Camp Commemorates its First Anniversary 
- ID Card Confiscation and New Israeli Policies 
- Palestinian Communities Under Siege: 
Bir Ona and Sheikh Jarrah/French Hill 

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