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Available now - BADIL launches new book: “Returning to Kafr Bir'im”

Available now
BADIL launches new book: “Returning to Kafr Bir'im”

For Immediate Release

No. (E/05/07) 20 March 2007




Bethlehem – BADIL Resource Center announces the release of a new booklet which features the story of the protracted struggle of the Palestinian residents of Kafr Bir'im for return to their village in the Upper Galilee which they were forced to leave in 1948.


In 120 pages, the booklet recounts key events, achievements, obstacles and failures of this struggle through the oral and written narratives of a community who gives a vibrant example of the Palestinian people's quest for ending the Nakba (catastrophe) and injustice almost 60 years on.


The booklet consists of five chapters. The first chapter covers the beginning of the displacement and subsequent developments; the second outlines the displaced villagers' legal struggle in the the Israeli courts, while the third chapter describes their efforts in the Israeli political arena and the media. The forth chapter focuses on the activities of the displaced in their depopulated and destroyed village, including renovation of the village' church, religious ceremonies, wedding and funerals, and the fifth chapters features the individual memories and initiatives in the field of arts.


Maps, photos, and documents are included in order to illustrate the story of the Kafr Bir'im displaced, which could not have been told without the support provided by the Committee of the Uprooted of Kafr Bir'im (CUB),



The booklet can be viewed on

Cost/copy: equivalent of Euro 5 including shipping cost.

Please make orders through BADIL website or contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telefax: +972-2-2717346