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BADIL organizes Side Event to the HRC 20

BADIL organizes Side Event to the HRC 20
Israel’s prolonged occupation of the Palestinian people and land

Press release, 04.07.2012

BADIL Resource Center for Refugee and Residency Rights organized a side event (parallel event) to the 20th session of the Human Rights Council on the 3rd of July 2012. The focus of the event - Nature, Feature, Impact and Complicity - centered upon Israel’s prolonged occupation of the Palestinian people and land.

The panel of the event was composed of:
• Mr. Richard FALK, UN Special Rapporteur on Palestinian Human
Rights in the OPT
• Ms. Annette GROTH, member of the Human Rights Committee of the German
• Mr. Itay EPSHTAIN, Co-Director ICAHD
• Ms. Rania MADI, Legal Advocacy Consultant UN-Geneva, BADIL
• Ms. Nada KISWANSON, EU advocacy officer, Al-Haq

The Palestinian population is exposed to daily human rights violations by the Israeli occupying power, but as yet Israel has never been held properly accountable for its actions. This perpetual attack on Palestinian rights is a completely unacceptable situation which shames the international community and must be brought to an end.

The side event lasted for two hours and consisted of five presentations and a Q&A round. It was a huge success, with more than 78 attendees including members of diplomatic delegations, international organizations and UN agencies.

Most importantly, key issues such as the criminality of the prolonged occupation, forcible displacement of the Palestinian people, a possible ICJ advisory opinion on the issue at hand and the complicity of the European Union concerning Israel’s violations of international law were discussed in depth.