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BADIL’s Ongoing Nakba Education Center - August Update

BADIL Resource Center for Residency and Refugee Rights  is delighted to announce through its Ongoing Nakba Education Center (ONEC) the release of the latest multi-media advocacy tools on the ONEC website. Several new tools have been added to the project documenting further cases of Palestinian displacement. Included in the latest updates are:


Gaza: 'Half a Million Displaced'- Khalil Shaheen from the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) recalls his personal memories of Israel's 2008/09 'Operation Cast Lead' in Gaza which according to UNRWA statistics lead to the temporary displacement of half a million Palestinians, thousands of whom are still displaced today:

Sakhnin: 'My Land'- Looks into the case of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) through the story of Ali and Trees, a Palestinian couple who attempt to return to their ancestral land to build a family home only to find endless permission refusals, demolition orders and even prison sentences:


Zakariyya: 'Memories of Zakariyya'- Hussein Faraj was 20 years old when his village of Zakariyya was ethnically cleansed in 1948. Hussein still vividly remembers the communal nature of life pre-Nakba in a traditional Palestinian agricultural village:

Gaza: 'The New Nakba'-The Palestinian Center for Human Rights worked vigorously throughout the 2008/09 'Operation Cast Lead' documenting the inhuman events enforced upon the imprisoned population of the Gaza Strip. In testimonies to PCHR staff, survivors of the 1948 Nakba described this devastating period as 'the new Nakba':

Saffuriya: 'The March of Return'- In the 'March of Return' Internally Displaced Palestinians symbolically returned to their historic village of Saffuriya in the Acre district and demonstrated the resolve of the new generations as they continue the historic struggle for Palestinian rights:

Photographic Galleries:

Kafr Bi'rim (Safad)- A photo story about the depopulated Palestinian village of Kafr Br'rim in the Safad district of 1948 Palestine:

Al-Ghabasiyya (Acre)- A photo story about the depopulated Palestinian village of Al-Ghabasiyya in the Acre district of 1948 Palestine:

*If you would like to contribute work to the Ongoing Nakba Education Center, or seek further information please visit: