Jerusalem is the capital of our country and the center of the world. It’s the city of three religions (Islam, Christian and Judaism). So it has many holy places in it like the Holy Sepulcher, where there’s a tomb for Jesus; the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque where prophet Mohammed had visited and went to the heavens. And beside the Holy Sepulcher there’s a holy mosque where Omar Ben Al- Khattab had prayed. The most important part of Jerusalem is the Old City which is surrounded by the wall. This city was founded in around 4000 BC,
and it’s divided into four quarters; the Muslim, the Christian, the Jewish and the Armenian. The present walls surrounding the Old City were built by the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman Al-Qanouni in 1542. The walls surrounding the city have eleven gates, the following seven are presently open; Damascus gate, Herod’s gate, Jaffa gate, Zion gate, A’-Magharbeh gate, Lion’s gate and the New gate.

If we return back to look at the history of Jerusalem, we'll find that Jerusalem has passed through many events, like the Crusaders' occupation. It suffered from this occupation for a long time until the hero Salah al-Deen came and liberated the city. If we look at the history after this period, we'll find that Jerusalem passed, and it's still passing through another important event, which is the Jewish occupation since 1967. More than fifty years ago, Jews drove the Palestinians from their home town, Jerusalem, by their power and strength. The Palestinian people had to go to the camps and poor small villages.

They had no food, nothing to eat, they suffered from all those things and then enemies treated them harshly. These people are the Palestinian refugees. The Israeli people and their presidents have done all they can to prove that they are strong and brave. All of them believed that Jerusalem is their capital now and forever.So if someone asked me what Jerusalem means to me, what  shall I answer? It's everything that I like, the thing that I can't live without. It means the past, present, the future, the origin, the history, the hope and the peace.
So me and all the people are still waiting for a hero like Salah al-Deen to come and liberate Jerusalem has he had done before. We are still believing the day to return Jerusalem to its country and its people will come.

Bushra Darwish, age 14
refugee from Malha