Statement issued by the Popular Committees in the Palestinian Refugee Camps - West Bank, 26 April 2002:
To Our Steadfast People, To Our People Rooted in the Land of Palestine, Jenin al-Qassam, the site of the massacre, heralds the voice of Palestinian sacrifice and dignity from among the stench of the war crimes committed in this steadfast and heroic camp. In each Palestinian town, village and refugee camp, this voice is carried by our determination to survive, to challenge the policy of genocide, to rise above the dust of destruction and to remain steadfast in pride. Despite the bloody crime and despite the silence of the world, there is no surrender. The people of the Jenin refugee camp have refused to receive the aid sent to them by the US government and its agency USAID.

The massacre was committed with US approval and weapons, which killed our people and fighters and destroyed our homes, are weapons made in the United States. The crime committed is large and extensive.
Its traces cannot be erased by the aid and assistance which is now being provided in order to humiliate our people and to desecrate the blood of our martyrs. All our greetings and all our respect to the people of Jenin, who have returned this aid to its owners, partners in the crime.
The Popular Committees in all West Bank refugee camps appreciate the position of the heroic people of Jenin and its martyrs and affirm the following:
1. We refuse to accept any kind of aid and assistance provided by the US government and its agency USAID.
2. We call upon non-governmental organizations in Palestine to refuse to accept assistance and funds provided directly or indirectly by the US government and its above mentioned agency.
3. We demand that the Israeli perpetrators be prosecuted by a war crimes tribunal for the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against our people in the Jenin refugee camp and in other areas of the occupied Palestinian territories.
Eternal glory to our martyrs - Freedom for our prisoners and detainees!

 Communique issued by the Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO): PNGO convened a meeting of its General Assembly on 25 April 2002 [...] the Assembly affirmed the following positions:
1. PNGO praises the Palestinian civilian population's steadfastness against the Israeli attack on Palestinian society and against the decimation of the Palestinian National Authority in particular. It also confirms the praise of the maintenance of public coherence, national unity, and the spirit of heroism and resolve which materialized during the attack, most manifested in Jenin camp and Nablus. All of these attributes deserve focus and reinforcement.
2. PNGO declares its full support for President Yassir Arafat in his steadfastness and persistence concerning the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people as well as his refusal to bow to pressures harmful to the national scheme. 

3. PNGO General Assembly recognizes the Arabic and International support which materialized during the Israeli attacks through demonstrations, marches, and public support campaigns. It makes special note of the International Solidarity Movement volunteers who worked to protect the Palestinian public and contributed, to a great extent, in reinforcing the establishment of the Palestinian people on the International level.
4. PNGO General Assembly regards that the position taken by the administration of the United States constitutes a severe prejudice in favor of Israeli aggression and harms American credibility to serve as a peace process sponsor.
In this regard, we emphasize that any humanitarian aid donated by the US government must go hand in hand with an impartial commitment to political and moral recognition of Palestiniansuffering under continued Israeli occupation. It must also recognize the grave breeches of  nternational and humanitarian laws committed by the Israeli military in terms of political and civil rights. Play best friv games this site friv online games.
Hence, PNGO General Assembly has decided to boycott the emergent humanitarian aid and equipment that the US government has approved of donating. It also calls upon official and public Palestinian institutions to do the same to join in this protest.
5. PNGO praises the eminent role that Arabic and International institutions have played in the assistance of the Palestinian people during the Israeli onslaught. It calls for an increase in international and humanitarian activity to further fulfill their duties towards their goals of easing suffering.

PNGO holds in high regard the role of the Palestinian civil society institutions as well as the profound performance of Palestinian medical and aid teams, which exceeded their potential in conducting their missions despite extreme danger.
Finally, PNGO General Assembly wishes to highlight our strategic goal for a just and real peace, which can only be based upon the successive resolutions by the International Community and the United Nations.

These would guarantee the establishment of an independent Palestinian state within the 1967 borders and with Jerusalem as its capital. It also stresses that a just solution to the issue of Palestinian refugees must be met according to UN Security Council Resolution 194.
Palestinian Non-governmental Organizations Network (PNGO)

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