Survey of Palestinian Refugees and Internally Displaced Palestinians 2003
The Survey provides basic historic and current information on Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons. The Survey includes 6 chapters covering the historical circumstances of Palestinian displacement, population, legal status, socio-economic profile, international protection and assistance, and durable solutions. Available in English and Arabic. 200 pages. ISSN 1728-1679.

Palestinian Refugee Children, International Protection and Durable Solutions, by Renata Capella.
BADIL Information & Discussion Brief No. 10 (2004).
The brief analyses the status of Palestinian refugee children concerning protection needs and in the context of the search for durable solutions based on international law and best practice. Available in English. Arabic forthcoming.

Information Packet on Palestinian Refugees
The packet includes a short summary of the popular campaign for Palestinian refugee rights and a brief history of the Palestinian refugee issue, a poster, and a set of postcards.

Selected BADIL Publications

Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Global Palestine Right of Return Coalition
Includes working papers submitted to the fourth annual meeting of the Global Palestine Right of Return Coalition held in London, November 2003. The publication also includes a summary of discussions and debate as well as the final statement issued by the Coalition. Arabic with English summaries.

BADIL Expert Forum Working Papers
Papers address the relationship between international law and peacemaking, housing and property restitution for refugees, international protection, and obstacles to implementation of durable solutions for Palestinian refugees.

The Right to Housing and Property Restitution in Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Case Study, Paul Prettitore, Legal Advisor, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. English and Arabic. 28 pages.

Justice Against Perpetrators, the Role of Prosecution in Peacemaking and Reconciliation, Sandra Vicente, Assistant Legal Officer, International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. English and Arabic. 24 pages.

The Role of International Law and Human Rights in Peacemaking and Crafting Durable Solutions for Refugees: Comparative Comment, Lynn Welchman Director, Center of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, School of Oriental and African Studies. English and Arabic. 20 pages.

Popular Sovereignty, Collective Rights, Participation and Crafting Durable Solutions for Palestinian Refugees, Karma Nabulsi. English and Arabic. 13 pages.

Temporary Protection for Palestinian Refugees: A Proposal, Susan Akram, Boston University School of Law, and Terry Rempel, BADIL Research and Information. English and Arabic. 44 pages.

Land Restitution in South Africa, Overview and Lessons Learned, Jean du Plessis, Deputy Director, Center on Housing Rights and Evictions. English and Arabic. 16 pages.

Israel’s Land Laws as a Legal-Political Tool, Usama Halabi, advocate, LL.M. English and Arabic. 12 pages.

Arab Protection for the Palestinian Refugees, Khaled Al-Az’ar. English and Arabic. 30 pages.

UNRWA’s Role in Protecting Palestinian Refugees, Harish Parvathaneni, Chief, Policy Analysis Unit, UNRWA. English and Arabic. 24 pages.

“Experiencing the Right of Return, Palestinian Refugees Visit Bosnia”
This 20 video documents a study visit of a delegation of Palestinian refugees to Bosnia-Herzegovina in June 2002. The delegation, comprised of refugees from Palestine/Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Europe traveled to Bosnia in order to understand: What was done and how? What didn’t work and why? What are the lessons for Palestinians and their struggle for the implementation of the right of return and real property restitution?
Available in English and Arabic.

Jerusalem 1948: The Arab Neighborhoods and their Fate in the War [Al-Quds 1948: al-ahya’ al-‘arabiyah wa-masiruha fi harb 1948]
Salim Tamari (ed.). Published by BADIL Resource Center and the Institute for Palestine Studies, 2002. ISBN 9953-9001-9-1.
To order contact IPS-Beirut, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or

BADIL Hebrew Language Packet/The Right of Return
The Packet includes: Main Reader, ‘Palestinian Refugees:’ overview of the issue and demands of Palestinian refugees; law and principles guiding solutions to refugee problems; answers to frequently asked questions; obstacles to be tackled by a law- and rights-based solution (24 pages); Legal Brief, ‘Palestinian Refugees and their Right of Return, an International Law Analysis’ (16 pages); Executive Summary, ‘The Right of Return:’ Report of the Joint British Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into Refugee Choice (28 pages; translation from the English original published in London, March 2002); Readers’ feedback sheet and background information about BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights.

The BADIL Hebrew-language Information Packet is available for NIS 30. For postal orders inside Israel, please send a check to Andalus Publishers, PO Box 53036, Tel Aviv 61530 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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