Gail Boling

Book Review: Housing, Land, and Property Restitution Rights of Refugees and Displaced Persons: Laws, Cases, and Materials. Edited by Scott Leckie. Cambridge, New York, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town, Singapore, São Paulo: Cambridge University Press, 2007. xxii + 570 pp. $163.99. ISBN: 13: 9780521858755 hardback.

This book offers a ground-breaking and comprehensive survey of restitution-related legal materials never offered before in a single collection. The editor, Scott Leckie, an expert in restitution law, has gathered together 240 laws, cases and materials on restitution from around the world and organized them into a logically organized compendium. The goal of the book is to serve as a reference work on the law of restitution including international and national resources. The reader is taken on a world-wide survey of property-restoration schemes from locales as diverse as Rwanda, Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo and South Africa, to name just a few. The international law sources include texts from international humanitarian law, international human rights law, international criminal law and the law of state responsibility and is a monumental endeavor to marshal evidence from around the world to demonstrate that restitution of property has become an accepted standard of international and national law, and a necessary component of stable and durable peace agreements.

Michael Dumper, The Future for Palestinian Refugees: Toward Equity and Peace (Boulder and London: Lynn Rienner, 2007)

This book offers an introduction to the Palestinian refugee question in a format geared primarily towards policymakers and academics. It covers a broad range of ground and for that reason the book can be a useful tool for activists as well.