51st Anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba: BADIL Releases Information-Mobilization Packet: “RECLAIMING THE RIGHT OF RETURN - A Campaign for the Defense of Palestinian Refugee Rights”

One year ago, in May 1998, the Palestinian people, particularly Palestinian refugees, engaged in the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba. At that time, public events organized by Palestinian institutions, community and political organizations in Palestine and all countries of exile, revolved around the revival the collective memory of mass eviction by the Zionist movement and the unbroken demand of the Palestinian people for its Right of Return and Self Determination. 

Based on a raised awareness of their internationally recognized rights and pushed by the failure of the Oslo Accords, the 51st anniversary of al Nakba, on 14 May 1999, finds the Palestinian people in general, and refugees in particular, on the cross-roads between the commemoration of past suffering and the search for new and effective strategies to provide for a better future. BADIL Resource Center has worked to support and promote this current effort for a new Palestinian-international campaign for Palestinian refugee rights. Our new information packet “RECLAIMING THE RIGHT OF RETURN” is a compilation of the current Palestinian debate and suggestions. It serves as a tool for strategic discussion among refugees in Palestine and the diaspora, and with international partners world-wide, especially in Europe, Australia and the United States. 

In order to join our collective effort in the 52nd year of al Nakba, please order: 

A Campaign for the Defense of Palestinian Refugee Rights 

Documentation and Suggestions prepared by  

BADIL Resource Center/BADIL Friends Forum, April 1999; 
(Based on working papers originally prepared for a strategy workshop with Belgian and European Solidarity Committees and NGOs, organized by Oxfam Solidarity in Brussels, Belgium, 29/3/99-1/4/99.) 

The packet (approximately 75 pages), is available in English and Arabic.  

  • Email copies are available free of charge;
  • Print copies are available upon payment of US $10 or equivalent in your local currency. (Please make payment by sending a check made out for BADIL Resource Center to our PO Box 728, Bethlehem, West Bank);
  • Please specify preferred language (Arabic or English).


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