Badil General Assembly elects new Board of Directors and Oversight Committee

BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights held an extraordinary General Assembly (GA) meeting at its offices in the city of Bethlehem, on Friday, September 30, 2011. The meeting was held after the “Interim Administrative Board” (IAB) completed its restructuring of BADIL’s GA and nominated and recruited new members. The new GA then elected a new Board and Oversight Committee, representing the final steps of BADIL's management reform started earlier this year. 

The GA meeting was public, supervised by representatives of the Palestinian Ministry of Interior, and was attended by BADIL staff members as well as friends and partners of BADIL. The new GA consists of both old and new members and includes Palestinians from throughout historic Palestine and those living in forced exile.

Mr Issa Qaraqe moderated the GA session, welcoming all attending GA members and guests and explained the work and achievements of the IAB during the previous two months. He further thanked the Palestinian Ministry of Interior for its cooperation in facilitating the recruitment of new members for BADIL’s GA whilst stressing the importance of BADIL as a leading institution advocating for Palestinian refugee and residency rights and keeping the Palestinian refugee issue at the forefront of national and international agendas.

Then, Mr. Ahmed Muheisen - the Head of the IAB - highlighted the need to establish a transparent, accountable and democratic organization and the role of the different administrative bodies in achieving this. In particular, he noted that a clear effort had been made to ensure that the recruitment of new GA took into account the geographical distribution, religious diversity, gender, ages and the qualifications of its members. As a result, 35% of the new GA are women, a high proportion of the new GA is from Gaza and exile whilst many others represent youth activists.

During the same meeting, the annual administrative and financial reports for 2010-2011 were distributed to the GA members. BADIL’s work and past achievements were briefly discussed in order to provide a sufficient picture about the organization for the new GA members and bring them up to speed with the organizations short- and long-term objectives.

After approval of the financial and administrative reports by the IAB, the later submitted its resignation and paved the way for elections of the new Board. The newly elected members of these two bodies are as follows:

Board of Directors:


Ahmad Mhiasen, Head of the Board, Deheisha Refugee Camp,
Fuad Halaq, Vice President, Jerusalem,
Usamah Ja’afary, Secretary, Deheisha Refugee Camp,
Sameer Oudeh, Treasurer, Aida Refugee Camp,

Rana Bisharah, member, Tarsheeha,
Rawiah Abdo, member, Aqbat Jabir Refugee camp
Ziad Hmouz, member, Al Fawwar Refugee Camp,
Hanan Ayasah, member, Al-doha
Mohamad Saba’aneh, member, Jenin.

Oversight Committee:
Nader Abu-Amsha, Head of the Committee, Beit Jala,
Alaa Azza, member, Ramallah,
Maqbula Nassar, member, Haifa
Rula Salameh, member, Jerusalem

Alaa Badarneh, member, Nablus