BADIL Releases Issue 47 of al-Majdal (Autumn 2011): Israel and the Crime of Apartheid: Towards a Comprehensive Analysis

November 2011 - The BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights is pleased to announce the publication of the Autumn 2011 issue of al-Majdal (issue #47), titled Israel and the Crime of Apartheid: Towards a Comprehensive Analysis. This issue is the first of two issues looking at issues related to Israeli Apartheid from a number of vantage points. This first issue will include many of the testimonies to be presented at the Russell Tribunal in early November, with the later issue looking at the vision of the anti-apartheid movement.

In this issue, BADIL's staff set out the legal context of the denial of the Palestinian self-determination and Max du Plessis provides background to the prohibition of Apartheid in international law. Professor John Dugard outlines his experiences under South African Apartheid and in Israel and the OPT. David Keane provides a background to the definition of racial groups in international law and Ingrid Jaradat analyzes this in relation to Palestinians as a racial group.

Emily Schaeffer looks at the separate legal systems that exist for non-Jews and Jews in the OPT and Sahar Francis expands on this to outline the modalities of legal discrimination throughout the entirety of Israel and the OPT. Both Al Haq and Jeff Halper examine the methods through which Israel has sought to achieve and entrench the division of the Palestinian people into ghettos, policies outlined in detail in the personal testimony of Jazzi Abu Kaf from the Naqab.

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