(22 June 2021) The Palestinian National Campaign To Reject Conditional Funding Commends Burj Al Luqluq Position Against Conditional Funding


The Palestinian National Campaign to Reject Conditional Funding commends Burj Al Luqluq for nullifying signed project contracts with NGO Development Center - Agence Française de Développement (NDC-AFD), worth 765,000 Euros, which included political funding conditions that criminalize the Palestinian resistance and associates a number of Palestinian political parties with terrorism.

The Campaign assures confirms the accuracy of  the Burj Al Luqluq statements that signing humiliating political conditions, that funders actively seek to include in contracts, and making concessions within those terms will open a large door for Israel to intensify its attack on the Palestinian civil society organizations, amounting to framing organizations with false accusations, and shutting them down, similar to what happened to the Health Work Committees in the past days.

The Campaign appreciates Burj Al Luqluq's position, taken amidst harsh economic circumstances and an increased difficulty in receiving funds. The Campaign recognizes that the national stance deserves sacrifices, and it will continue working to unify efforts to protect organizations that refuse conditional funds, and finding substitutes to ensure the continuity of these organizations. The national Campaign condemns NDC for their complicity in such humiliating agreements, and calls upon all Palestinian organizations that have signed such conditions that criminalize our people's struggle to immediately withdraw from these agreements. The most recent uprising, and our people's continuing struggle and sacrifice in the face of forced displacement, especially in Jerusalem, requires Palestinian civil society to stand beside our people and its right to liberation from Israeli colonialism and apartheid.