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Maha Hararah

Maha Hararah

I, Maha Hararah, am a Palestinian Muslim living in the United States. I was born and raised in San Francisco, California. I speak Arabic and English; my parents believed that I needed to learn my language before I learned English, because it is who I am. This is why they taught me how to speak Arabic before they taught me English. I greatly appreciate their decision because an Arab is who I am, and who I need to represent. I am 18 years old and the youngest in my family, with three older brothers. My family is originally from Gaza. I visited Gaza only one time in the year 2000, right before the second Intifada.

Lunes 24 de Agosto de 2009 14:29

Best Youth Entry: SAFE HAVEN

Located in San Francisco, which is the home of the Giants, is AT&T Park, a great green field moderately flooded in a gush of white-uniformed baseball players gyrating in circles to get to home plate. In the vicinity of these players, like a vast blockade enclosing the flood, linger the colossal walls and the stands of the ballpark. Surrounding the field is a flood of men and women of every race and nation sitting high up in the stands and cheering 'Let's go Giantsة!' On Thursday, July 21, 2006, my family and I were getting ready to witness the San Francisco Giants smother the Los Angeles Dodgers. This baseball game was particularly important in that it was the game in which Barry Bonds was to hit another one of his milestone homeruns. Obviously, we were planning on having an amazing time indulging in a great American tradition.

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