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Maher Bitar

Maher Bitar

A graduate of Georgetown University in Washington, DC, Maher Bitar is currently on a Marshall Scholarship at the University of Oxford, where he is reading for a Master of Science in Forced Migration at the Refugee Studies Centre.

In early April 2006 more than 70 Palestinian students from a diverse array of North American universities came together at Swarthmore College, near the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to inaugurate the first Palestinian Student Society (PSS) summit. Student-inspired and led, the summit sought to identify – through a democratic participatory approach – the specific needs, demands, and responsibilities of emerging Palestinian voices within the particular context of North America. Moreover, it aimed to articulate these common issues through the careful formulation of an encompassing mission statement, as well as through the creation of an organizational body through which Palestinian students could begin to both establish a network of committed and engaged peers and represent themselves as an integral component of the global Palestinian body politic.

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