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BADIL's new release: Displacement of Palestinians as a War Crime


This report, presented in-person to the Commission of Inquiry in January 2015, draws attention to the widespread, mass forced displacement of Palestinians by Israel, and the crime of forcible transfer. This devastating crime is inextricably linked to a multitude of fundamental human rights. Yet, despite its status as one of the most heinous acts within a situation of international armed conflict, it is a crime which, in the case of Israel and Palestine, has received scant attention from the international community.


BADIL releases a research paper on Corporate Complicity in Violations of International Law in Palestine.


December 2014

BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights releases a research paper on Corporate Complicity in Violations of International Law in Palestine.

The paper aims to draw attention to the role that private businesses play in Israel’s colonial enterprise and its ongoing oppression of the Palestinians. This is achieved through examining the case of Kardan NV and Kardan Yazamut Ltd., a Dutch and Israeli company involved in the Israeli colonization project of the West Bank.


BADIL speaking tour in the United States: the Nakba and the Right of Return


BADIL, in collaboration with Zochrot and the Nakba Education Project in the United States, toured the Northeast coast of the US (New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston) between 13 and 23 March 2015. The tour aimed to present the ongoing Nakba of the Palestinian people, and BADIL’s vision calling for a rights-based solution for the Palestinian refugee problem.


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