In response to the unlawful killing of Abd al-Raham, 13, residents and organizations of Aida Refugee Camp call upon the Palestinian Authority, Palestinian Liberation Organization and international community to act

Call for Urgent Action Palestinian Administrative Detainee on Hunger Strike in Critical Condition

PHROC Position Paper on the Current Funding Crisis of UNRWA, International Responsibility and a Framework of Short and Long-term International Interventions Necessary for Maintaining the Functioning of UNRWA, and Ensuring Fundamental Rights of Palestine Refugees

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BADIL’s participation in the 21st Human Rights Council Session (including videos)

BADIL, 01 October 2012, The 21st session of the Human Rights Council (HRC) took place from the 10th of July to the 28th of September 2012. BADIL participated actively in the event and submitted three (joint) written statements and four (joint) oral statements. Furthermore, BADIL engaged productively with various stake holders and participants of official delegations in addition to numerous members of the international civil society.

This HRC session was an important opportunity for BADIL to promote its 2012 advocacy strategy and to uphold the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people. BADIL focused on illustrating Israel’s policy of ongoing forcible displacement of the Palestinian people in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, East-Jerusalem and Israel Proper.

I. (Joint) Written Statements

- Joint Written Submission to the Human Rights Council 21st Regular Session: Seam Zones

- Joint Written statement: Escalation in Forcible Transfer and Demolitions in Area C

- Joint Written statement: Gaza: Closure, Blockade & Lack of Remedies: Recipe to Abuse Humans and their Rights

II. (Joint) Oral Statements (Videos)

- BADIL, Clustered ID (Cont'd) with SR Poverty and SR Safe Drinking Water - 6th Meeting, 21st Regular Session of Human Rights Council

- BADIL, General Debate Item: 7, 28th Meeting Human Rights Council

- MRAP, General Debate Item:7, 28th Meeting Human Rights Council

- Al-Haq, General Debate Item:7, 28th Meeting Human Rights Council

- BADIL, Item No. 4 (17.09.12)[1]

- BADIL, Item No. 1 (28.09.12)[2]

[1] Due to the heavy schedule of that day, BADIL’s oral statement was not read.

[2] Due to the heavy schedule of that day, BADIL’s oral statement was not read.