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Ways to Support our Work

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Educate Yourself

You will find a great deal of information on this website, particularly in our publications which you can download for free. A great deal more information is also available in our public library and on the websites in our Web Links section.

Intern at BADIL

BADIL offers legal scholars, activists, students and recent graduates the opportunity to intern with BADIL and assist in our work in defending and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Interns are asked to make a minimum commitment of 3 months at least. However, internships last longer are always welcome and preferable. Internships will be based in BADIL's offices in Bethlehem, Palestine. A limited number of internships are also available with our staff in Geneva and New York. (For more information, please contact Administration Organizer at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Stay Informed

Subscribe to our electronic mailing (email) list to receive important updates and action alerts from Badil. You can subscribe by filling in your name and email address on the right side at the top of this screen.

Educate Others

Raise Awareness in Your Community

Inform people in your community about the plight of Palestinian refugees and their right to return. Fact-sheets and materials in the Advocacy and Training Tools section of our website are available for this purpose.

Encourage Accurate Journalism

Write editorials and articles for your local press on the issue of Palestinian refugees and their right to return. If you read or watch something that does not adequately explain the issues facing Palestinian refugees, respond with a letter to the editor or television station. Be brief, positive, and use facts to back up your arguments. Make sure to also write letter of encouragement for articles or presentations that accurately represent the refugee issue.

Organize a Fact-finding Visit

Work within your local organizations (unions, schools, faith-based groups, municipalities, etc..) to bring a delegation to meet with Palestinian refugees and IDPs in Palestine and/or neighboring host countries. Contact us for help with planning the schedule of such visits. In addition, make contact with and learn how to support Palestinian refugee living near you.

Order and Distribute our Publications

You can order our books and other publications directly from this website, or contact us to make a bulk order for distribution to bookstores, at events, or directly to your friends, family and neighbors. Ask your local library to order our publications, and if there are any bookshops in your area that might be interested in including our books on their shelves, let us know.

Translate our Materials

Language should not be a barrier for people wanting to learn more about Palestinian refugees and their rights. If you are able to translate any of our materials into another language, please let us know so we can make the translation available to as many people as possible.

Take Action

Meet with experts and awareness-raising committees in your area and participate in their activities, in particular those working on anti-apartheid, right of return and BDS campaigns. These activities can include writing letters to decision-makers, petitions, sponsoring public debates, holding film presentations and exhibitions, lobbying and staging public protests. Hold your political representatives accountable.

See our links page to find active organizations and campaigns in your area, or contact us.

Donate to Badil

Donate Materials

We are always looking for relevant books, reports, news items, photos, audio-visual material, and web links to add to our public library and to this website. If you would like to share or donate materials of this kind, please contact us.


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