BADIL General Assembly Convened



Intensive efforts over the past year, aimed at formalizing the relationship between BADIL's professional team and our activist BADIL Friends Forum, have finally resulted in the convening of the first BADIL General Assembly on 10 March 2000. We consider the General Assembly to be step which we consider a great step forward towards the democratization of our Palestinian institutions.

BADIL's General Assembly, convened according to the new Palestinian NGO law issued in January 2000, was held at the Youth Activity Center in  the 'Aida refugee camp, Bethlehem, Forty-two (from among 57) members active in West Bank refugee camp organizations and Palestinian institutions attended the General Assembly. The meeting was presided over by the Bethlehem Interior Ministry's Supervisory Committee composed of George Hazboun (head), Ghazi Gheith (legal advisor), Muhammad al-Lahham (PLO Refugee Department), and Issa Qaraqe' (Palestinian Prisoners' Club). Among the guests of our first General Assembly meeting were Jamal Shati and Hussam Khader of the PLC Refugee Subcommittee, as well as representatives of the Union of Youth Activitiy Centers, 'Aida camp organizations and Oxfam UK. 

BADIL's General Assembly approved our 1999 activity and financial report, re-confirmed BADIL's auditor in his position, and elected BADIL's new Board of Advisors and Comptrol Committee.

Elected BADIL Board members:

  • Dr. Nayef Jarrad, Political Advisor/PNC-West Bank, Tulkarem;
  • Adnan Ajarmeh, Union of Youth Activity Centers, 'Aida camp/Bethlehem;
  • Tayseer Nasrallah, Yafa Cultural Center, Balata camp/Nablus;
  • Faisal Salameh, PLO Popular Service Committees, Tulkarem camp;
  • Salem Abu Hawwash, Actvist, Doura/Hebron;
  • Ahmad Ass'ad, Head/Palestinian National Institutions-Toubas; Al-Far'ah camp/Nablus;
  • Afif Ghatashe, Union of Youth Activity Centers, Fawwar camp/Hebron;
  • Bassam Abu 'Aker, Youth Activity Center, 'Aida camp/Bethlehem;
  • Dr. Adnan Shehadeh, Union of Youth Activity Centers, 'Arroub camp/Hebron;
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Elected members of BADIL's Comptrol Committee:

  • Rajeh al-Til, Activist, Dahriyyah/Hebron;
  • Samir 'Odeh, Youth Activity Center, 'Aida camp/Bethlehem;
  • Wissal al-Salem, Head/Women's Activity Center, Nur Shams camp/Tulkarem;

In solidarity - and until the return of our Palestinian refugees,
BADIL Resource Center