Available Now: New BADIL Packet-- Information & Mobilization for Palestinian Refugee Rights (English 2nd Edition)

BADIL's new Packet provides informational background as well as suggestions for international action in defense of Palestinian refugees' right of return, restitution, and compensation. It is a resource tool designed to strengthen the rapidly growing Palestinian and international campaign for Palestinian refugee rights, at a time when Israel and  the US government are launching yet another effort, by means of secretive "negotiations" conducted in a US military base, to coerce the Palestinian leadership into a surrender of the refugees' right of return.

BADIL's Campaign Packet includes:

a) The RIGHT OF RETURN - A Guide to the Campaign for the Defense of Palestinian Refugee Rights: The Right of Return; Protection & Assistance; Refugee Empowerment; (40 pages);

b) Country Profiles - Palestinian Refugees in Exile: Gaza Strip; West Bank; Lebanon; Jordan; Syria; Israel (internally displaced Palestinians); Egypt. (48 pages);

c) BADIL - Information & Discussion Briefs

  • Brief No. 1: Reinterpreting Palestinian Refugee Rights Under International Law, and a Framework for Durable Solutions (Susan M. Akram);
  • Brief No. 2: Fora Available for Palestinian Refugee Restitution, Compensation and Related Claims (Susan M. Akram);
  • Brief No. 3: The Evolution of an Independent, Community Based Campaign for Palestinian Refugee Rights in the 1967 Occupied Palestinian Territories and 1948 Palestine/Israel (Ingrid Jaradat Gassner);

(Additional BADIL Briefs are forthcoming and will be added to the Packet.)

How to Order the BADIL Campaign Packet?
Individual packets: US $10 (including postal charges); please send your check (US$ cheque or Eurocheque in your local currency), made out to BADIL Resource Center, to our PO Box 728, Bethlehem, West Bank.
Five packets and more: Reduced fee (to cover postal charges); please contact BADIL via email for concrete arrangement.
Note: We are unable, at this point, to disseminate the complete Packet via internet. BADIL Briefs Nos. 1-3, however, can be obtained via email free of charge.

Also Available: BADIL 1999 Annual Report (English and Arabic); free copies are available upon request via snail mail.