Available Now: New BADIL Packet-- Information & Mobilization for Palestinian Refugee Rights (English 2nd Edition)

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BADIL's new Packet provides informational background as well as suggestions for international action in defense of Palestinian refugees' right of return, restitution, and compensation. It is a resource tool designed to strengthen the rapidly growing Palestinian and international campaign for Palestinian refugee rights, at a time when Israel and  the US government are launching yet another effort, by means of secretive "negotiations" conducted in a US military base, to coerce the Palestinian leadership into a surrender of the refugees' right of return.

BADIL's Campaign Packet includes:

a) The RIGHT OF RETURN - A Guide to the Campaign for the Defense of Palestinian Refugee Rights: The Right of Return; Protection & Assistance; Refugee Empowerment; (40 pages);

b) Country Profiles - Palestinian Refugees in Exile: Gaza Strip; West Bank; Lebanon; Jordan; Syria; Israel (internally displaced Palestinians); Egypt. (48 pages);

c) BADIL - Information & Discussion Briefs

(Additional BADIL Briefs are forthcoming and will be added to the Packet.)

How to Order the BADIL Campaign Packet?
Individual packets: US $10 (including postal charges); please send your check (US$ cheque or Eurocheque in your local currency), made out to BADIL Resource Center, to our PO Box 728, Bethlehem, West Bank.
Five packets and more: Reduced fee (to cover postal charges); please contact BADIL via email for concrete arrangement.
Note: We are unable, at this point, to disseminate the complete Packet via internet. BADIL Briefs Nos. 1-3, however, can be obtained via email free of charge.

Also Available: BADIL 1999 Annual Report (English and Arabic); free copies are available upon request via snail mail.