Available Now! Al-Majdal, Issue No. 5, March 2000

English language quarterly for the Promotion of Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights 
Publisher: BADIL Resource Center 
Annual subscription fee (4 issues): US $20 

Our March issue of AL-MAJDAL is dedicated to stocktaking of past achievements and  
suggestions for future development of a broad, community-based Campaign for Palestinian  
refugees' right of return and restitution. International Refugee Law, international human rights  
fora, international treaty-based bodies (mainly UN Committees), as well as domestic legal  
systems are presented as potentially useful tools for the protection and enforcement of  
Palestinian refugee rights. 

This issue of Al-MAJDAL also contains: 

  • Activity Update: Campaign for the Defense of Palestinian Refugee Rights: Return Rally in  Nazareth; 
  • Activist Workshop on international protection of Palestinian refugees; 
  • Summary of events on the Palestinian Land Day (30 March); 
  • Survey of Israeli laws used for the expropriation of Palestinian lands (1948 - 2000); 
  • Reportage about West Bank Bedouin: The New Refugees? 
  • Update: Israeli-Palestinian Final Status Negotiations; 
  • Workshop Report: The Future of UNRWA (London, February 2000); 
  • Jerusalem ID Card Confiscation: Update 1999; 
  • Feature: The Baramki House - a Case of Stolen Heritage in a Colonized Jerusalem; 
  • Interview: Palestine in the Eyes of a British Mandate Soldier (1947/8); 
  • Refugee Voices; 
  • In Our Own Affairs: BADIL General Assembly Convened. 

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