Available Now at BADIL: Information & Discussion Brief No. 4 (June 2000)

(Susan M. Akram, Associate Professor, Boston University School of Law) 

Summary: In late 1999, BADIL Resource Center, assisted by legal experts, launched a debate about adequate legal strategies for the protection of Palestinian refugee rights in the shadow of the final status negotiations with Israel. 

The paper presented here is one of the preliminary outcomes of this debate. It aims to answer the need for a clearly defined legal status for Palestinian refugees in the future Palestinian state and in exile, which will guarantee basic human and civil rights to the scattered refugee communities on the one hand, and protect and strengthen the Palestinian demand for implementation of the refugees' right of return to their original homes and properties according to international law and UN resolutions, especially UN Resolution 194. The author proposes to adopt the internationally recognized status of Temporary Protection for this purpose. 

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