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of 1967 Occupied Palestine ...

AL-MAJDAL, Issue No. 7/September 2000.
English Language Quarterly for the Promotion of
Palestinian Residency & Refugee Rights;
Publisher: BADIL Resource Center;
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Our September issue of Al-MAJDAL was planned to highlight the recent growth in activism around Palestinian refugees' right of return around the world. Thousands of Palestinians and their supporters gathered in major cities of the world, in 1948 Palestine/Israel, in 1967 occupied Palestine, and in the Arab exile on the 18th anniversary of the massacre of Sabra and Shatila to call for this right and for a just solution to the largest and longest running refugee problem in the world today. Just as Al-MAJDAL went to print, the glaring need for international protection of the Palestinian people, including its refugees, was tragically demonstrated once again as Israeli forces fired on Palestinian worshippers in Jerusalem on September 29. Since then Israel's violent repression of popular Palestinian protests ("Al-Aqsa/Jerusalem Intifada") has caused the death of over 100 Palestinians and left over 2000 injured.

AL-MAJDAL, issue no. 7 includes:

  • "Jerusalem Intifada" (29-9 to 6-10):
    • Halt Israeli Massacres against Palestinians - BADIL Call for International Protection;
    • In Memoriam (list of Palestinian victims);
  • Feature: Remembering Sabra and Shatila, Deir Yassin, Dawayma ... Massacres, War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity;
  • Refugee Rights Campaigns:
    • Report: Right-of-Return Rallies (15-17 September); Palestine-Lebanon-Washington DC-London;
    • After the Rallies: Where to Go From Here? (Strategy debates; calendar of activism; new initiatives);
  • Statement: Palestinians Criticize Italian Community Peace Initiative;
  • Refugee Protection:
    • Report: British Commission of Inquiry on Refugee Choice;
    • The Right to Restitution in International Human Rights Law;
  • Refugee Assistance (UNRWA): Palestinian Students in Lebanon demand Access to Education;

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