Palestinian NGO Network Conditions Cooperation with Israeli Organizations

Announcement by the General Assembly of PNGO

At a time when Israeli army attacks against our people continue and massacres reflect the most ugly type of Israeli racism and extremism, while a massive Israeli media campaign works to distort the facts of reality and to blame the Palestinian people,  the Palestinian NGO network convened a special General Assembly on Sunday, 22 October, in order to study the current political situation. The meeting resulted in the following decisions: 

1. PNGO calls upon all Palestinian NGOs to stop all joint programs and activities with Israeli organizations, especially projects conducted in the framework of the "People to People" program, the Peres Institute for Peace, and the "Joint Projects Program" funded by the American Agency for International Development (USAID), as well as any other project aiming at normalization with Israel. 

2. PNGO calls upon all Palestinian governmental and non-governmental organizations to stop immediately all regional projects involving Israel. We also call upon the institutions of the Palestinian Authority institutions to stop and boycott such projects. 

3. PNGO calls upon all Palestinian and Arab NGOs to stop all forms of joint projects with Israeli organizations until they fully end their occupation of the 1967 Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem. 

4. PNGO calls upon all Palestinian NGOs to abstain from relations and work with Israeli NGOs, until the latter publicly announce their support of the Palestinian people's rights to establish its independent state on its land occupied in 1967 (West Bank and Gaza Strip) with Jerusalem as its capital, in addition to the Palestinian refugees' right to return to their original homes and properties. 

5. PNGO will compile a list of Palestinian and Arab organizations that violate this position and will publicize it regularly among all Arab and Palestinian communities. 

6. These decisions do not apply to cooperation with solidarity projects launched by Israeli human rights organizations and to cooperation with Israeli institutions which support the Palestinian right to freedom and statehood and a comprehensive, just and durable peace that meets Palestinian national rights. Find more interesting information from the whole web!  

PNGO, Ramallah - Palestine, 13-10-2000 (published in Al-Quds, 24-10-2000). 

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