AVAILABLE NOW! AL-MAJDAL, Issue No. 8/December 2000

AL-MAJDAL, Issue No. 8/December 2000 
English Language Quarterly for the Promotion of  
Palestinian Residency & Refugee Rights; 
Publisher: BADIL Resource Center; 
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The end of every year brings about a spate of anniversaries concerning the rights of the Palestinian people and their relationship with the international community. These anniversaries include: 22 November (GA Resolution 3236 - Self-Determination); 29 November (GA Resolution 181 - Partition Plan), 8 December (GA Resolution 302 - UNRWA); and, 11 December (GA Resolution 194 - UNCCP and Right of Return), not to mention the anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the establishment of the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees. 

Under the title "LESSONS LEARNED OR MISTAKES REPEATED?" the December issue of Al-MAJDAL examines the role of international community in 52 years of Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This at a time, when the gaping distance between internationally recognized rights of the Palestinian people and their implementation is all the more obvious this year: Three months of Palestinian uprising and Israeli repression have resulted in over 300 killed and more than 10,000 injured Palestinians, and their call for international protection has not been answered. 

AL-MAJDAL, Issue No. 8 includes: 

  • Al-Aqsa Intifada:  

The Response of the International Community to a Renewed Palestinian Appeal for International Protection;
In Memoriam: List of Palestinian victims (6-10 to 9-12-2000);

  • Refugee Rights Campaign: 

BADIL Emergency Program;
Report from a Right-of-Return Strategy Workshop in Cyprus;

  • Refugee Protection:

UN Commission on Human Rights (activities, October-November 2000);
Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: BADIL Submission;
Update: Canada Camp; Iqrit and Bir'im;

  • Refugee Assistance:

Interview with Sami Msha'sha, Director of UNRWA Public Relations;
Letter from Lebanon: Palestinian Students Achieve Access to Secondary Education;

  • Feature:

From Mandate to Partition, Lessons Learned or Mistakes Repeated - The United Nations and Palestine;

  • In Our Own Affairs: BADIL Establishes Legal Unit for Palestinian Refugee Rights

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