Palestinian Right of Return Activity Week Launched in Tobass and Al-Far’ah Refugee Camp

WAFA (Translation by BADIL) - The Right of Return activity-week was launched yesterday at Tobass and al-Far'ah Refugee Camp in the Nablus district. The week is organized by the Palestinian national organizations in the district and initiatives under the patronage of the BADIL Friends Forum-Northern West Bank.

Heqmat Zeid, PA Minister of Agriculture, opened the week by signing the UNANIMOUS AGREEMENT, a pledge to hold on to Palestinian refugees' right of return. Community elders and representatives of organizations followed his example by signing the pledge.

Ahmad As'ad, head of the Office of Palestinian National Organizations - Tobass, stated that the national week comes at a time when Palestinians face decisive circumstances. It is important, therefore, to reaffirm our people's support for the national consensus and to support the Palestinian leadership in the decisive battle.

The signing ceremony was accompanied by the dissemination of leaflets and studies concerning the Palestinian refugee issue and their right of return as a legal, just, and practical choice; and as the only solution to achieve the desired peace in the region. Posters and stickers issued by BADIL Resource Center and Yafa Cultural Center related to the refugees' issue were also distributed.

Among the many activities, the week will include a photo exhibition reflecting return as the preferred choice of Palestinian refugees and the erection of a tent in the Salah Khalaf Center as a symbol of the right of return.