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AL-MAJDAL, Issue No.9/March 2001
English Language Quarterly for the Promotion of Palestinian Residency & Refugee Rights
Publisher: BADIL Resource Center
Annual subscription fee (4 issues): U.S. $20

Starting with this March issue, AL-MAJDAL is published in magazine format and the editorial team at BADIL is assisted by a new editorial advisory board composed of Palestinian and international experts and activists in the global right-of-return network. We thus hope to increase the relevance of AL-MAJDAL as a tool for information and sustained advocacy for Palestinian refugee rights at a time when increased violence and the intransigence of Israel's Sharon government have created a situation where immediate protection needs of the Palestinian people, rather than negotiations about a just and durable solution of the historical Israeli-Palestinian/Arab conflict, have moved into the forefront of public debate. In the context of the prolonged emergency situation in the 1967 occupied territories, only an active and worldwide right-of-return network can ensure that the Palestinian refugees' rights of return and restitution will remain on the agenda of international policymakers. AL-MAJDAL is dedicated to, and aims to serve, all those who share with us in this effort.

AL-MAJDAL, Issue No. 9 includes:

* "Facing the Right of Return": update on activities in the framework of the Campaign for the Defense of Palestinian Refugee Rights
* International (Refugee) Protection: "Palestinian Refugees and the al-Aqsa Intifada" (BADIL Report); summary and analysis: the Report by the UN Special Commission of Inquiry; the "Mitchell" Committee and the "Or" Commission of Inquiry inside Israel
* In Memoriam: Palestinian victims of Israeli violence
* Background: Venues for Prosecuting Individuals Charged with International Crimes (BADIL Legal Unit)
* Feature: "Seven Day Horror; How the Sabra and Shatila Massacre was Buried with the Victims" (Rosemary Sayigh)
* Refugee Assistance: UNRWA and al-Aqsa Intifada
* Refugee Voices: "Palestinian Kids Express their Anger and Frustration to UN Officials" (Aidun-Lebanon)
* BADIL Resources
* Document Section

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