Available Now at BADIL - Al-Majdal Issue No. 13 (March 2002) - The 'Jewish State' and the Right of Return - Israel's War on Palestinian Refugees

Please note: a copy of Issue No. 13/Al-Majdal is published temporarily in word format on our website: Print copies of the magazine will be disseminated to our subscribers and a final copy with layout will be published on our website as soon as the ongoing Israeli restrictions on movement in Bethlehem are lifted.

Issue No. 13 of al-Majdal covers the period of January-March 2002. It reports about events and developments that led up to Israel's current all-out military attack against the Palestinian people, the so-called "Operation Defense Wall, launched on 29 March. It does, however, not cover Israel's March-April operation itself. The latter, including assessment of its impact and perspectives for the continuing struggle of the Palestinian people and its refugees for freedom, justice and peace, will be featured in the June
issue of al-Majdal.

Issue No. 13 of al-Majdal includes:

ANALYSIS: The 'Jewish State' and the Right of Return - Israel's War on Palestinian Refugees;

CAMPAIGN for Palestinian Refugee Rights - Update: Arab League Summit (Beirut, 26-7 March): community mobilization for the right of return and Arab NGO Forum; 2002 Land Day rallies and demonstrations; 2002 US State Department Country Report on Human Rights: BADIL call to remedy underreporting for human rights of Palestinian refugees; War Crimes: 54th anniversary of the Deir Yassin massacre, war crimes suit against Ariel Sharon (Belgium); Boycott and sanction campaigns against Israel;

REFUGEE PROTECTION: Reports about limited international protection efforts in the light of the rapid deterioration of human rights and the humanitarian situation in the 1967 occupied Palestinian territories (UNRWA, Red Cross, UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Occupied Territories/6 March report to the UN Commission on Human Rights); Protection of Palestinian Property, the Right of Return and Real Property Restitution in: 2002 US State Department Country Report; EU (Moratinos) Non Paper on the Israeli-Palestinian final status negotiations in Taba; Israeli courts; Palestinian NGO and community initiatives;

IN MEMORIAM: Palestinian victims of Israeli violence, list of 91 names (1 January - 28 February 2002);

REFUGEE ASSISTANCE: Overview, UNRWA activities and donor funding for Palestinian refugees, January - March 2002;

REFUGEE VOICES: Aida refugee camp, March 2002;

DOCUMENTS: Complete text of the EU's 'non-paper', section 3 (Refugees); Open Letter to the Arab Summit Submitted by the Global Palestine Right of Return Coalition.