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Please Note: Due to ongoing Israeli military operations and curfews we have been unable to keep to our regular publishing and shipping schedule for al-Majdal. While technology has enabled us to work from our homes during extended periods of military imposed curfews, it has not enabled us to overcome the obstacles in getting a print-ready copy from Bethlehem to our printer in northern Jerusalem, back to us, and then again through the checkpoints to the post office in Jerusalem on time. Issues 13 and 14 (March and June 2002), however, are now in the mail and you will be receiving them shortly.

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BADIL Resource Center
13 August 2002
For Immediate Release

Issue No. 14 of al-Majdal covers the period of April through June 2002. It focuses on Israel’s March/April military assault and, in particular, Israel’s violation of international human rights and humanitarian law, including war crimes, in the occupied Palestinian territories. Special attention is given to the massive military assault on Jenin refugee camp. As al-Majdal notes, “The durability of any future political process between Israel and the PLO will depend, in large part, upon the willingness of the international community to uphold international law. This includes prosecution of those responsible for past and future violations and serious breaches of international law.” In addition, the issue includes a special report on a June study tour by 13 Palestinian refugee activists from the Middle East and Europe to Bosnia to investigate the process of return and housing and property restitution.

Issue No. 14 of al-Majdal includes:

*ANALYSIS: Jenin: War Crimes, International Law, and Durable Solutions for Refugees

*CAMPAIGN for Palestinian Refugee Rights, Updates: Nakba Day 2002; Palestinian Refugees Visit Bosnia to Learn About Return and Restitution; Sanctions/Boycott of Israel campaign update; War Crimes, Update on the Case against Sharon, and Qana, an Earlier Case Revisited

*REFUGEE PROTECTION: * Updates on international protection needs in light of Israel’s March/April military assault, including the failed UN Security Council fact-finding mission to Jenin, the failed UN Commission on Human Rights fact-finding mission, the ICRC and UNRWA; * 35th Anniversary of the displaced of Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip; Norwegian NGOs Statement on the Right of Return; Analysis of International Crisis Group proposal for resolving the refugee issue; updates on house demolitions and subsequent displacement

*FEATURE: A Palestinian Refugee Fact-Finding Visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina: Learning About Return

*IN MEMORIAM: Palestinian victims of Israeli violence, list of 546 names (1 March – 13 June)

*REFUGEE ASSISTANCE: Overview, UNHCR activities and donor funding for Palestinian refugees: UNRWA comes under attack after Israel’s March/April military assault

*REFUGEE VOICES: Phone Interview with Ali Ass’ad Amin Damaj, Member of the Residents’ Emergency Committee, Jenin Refugee Camp, 20-21 April 2002

*DOCUMENTS: Statement issued by the Popular Committees in the Palestinian Refugee Camps – West Bank, 26 April 2002 (Re: Jenin); Communique issued by the Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO).


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