Invitation - Lecture on international Mechanisms for real property restitution

Today, more than 250,000 Internally Displaced Palestinians are living inside Israel, consisting approximately quarter of the whole Palestinian population inside Israel. Despite the recognition of the international law and the UN resolutions specially UNGA resolution 194 on their rights (right of return, property restitution, and composition), and despite their legal status as “Israeli citizens”, and their appeals to the Israeli high court during the last five decades, the Israeli governments are still rejecting to implement their rights, and still using their land and property for empowering the Jewish migrations.

In the same time, the Internally Displaced Palestinians are leading a massive campaign, locally and internationally, to achieve their Durable solution framework as it is confirmed by the international law.

Continuing in their efforts that were done in order to raise the awareness of the Palestinian Refugees and Internally Displaced to their rights, and as part of the campaign for the defense of the Refugee rights, Badil Resource center and the National association for the Rights of the Internally Displaced are organizing Public lecture/debate on the International Mechanisms of Real Property restitution, and its relevance for the Palestinian case in General and the Internally Displaced in particular, by Scott Leckie, the Executive Director of the Center on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE), Geneva. The speaker is considered one of the international experts who drafted the property restitution plans in East Tymore, and former Yugoslavia, and another places of the world, this Debate will be hold in the Galilee society in Shfara’me, Saturday, at 16:00.

This lecture will be part of Mr. Leckie visit to Palestine/Israel, through in he will visit the Palestinian cities and refugee camps in the occupied territories (coordinating with Badil), meetings with human rights organizations, visiting al-ruha area in Um al-Fahem, and al-Gabsia depopulated village.

Fore more information, please contact: Badil Resource Center, Tel: 02-2777086, Tel/fax: 02-2747346, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Daoud Bader, National Association for the Rights of the Internally displaced, Tel: 051-416906

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