Badil Co-Sponsors First International Israeli Apartheid Video Contest

Put your ideas and convictions on film!

As part of the colonial conflict in Palestine, Israel has instituted a policy of apartheid that separates Palestinians from Israelis and Palestinians from each other, creating an oppressive and racially discriminatory system. It denies basic Palestinian rights to land, education, movement, and housing while devastating the economy, trying to undermine civil society, and forcing continuous displacement upon the majority of Palestinians.


You are invited to submit short [less than 5 minutes] videos on the theme of “Israeli Apartheid.” Videos should reflect the nature, realities, and/or consequences of the apartheid policy in Israel, in the occupied West Bank and Gaza and against Palestinian refugees in the diaspora.
Official Contest Guidelines
Videos may be produced in any format
and uploaded to the following web site:
or go to
Videos must be created specifically for this contest in any style: live-action, animated, stop-action, etc., and be no more than five minutes in length. They may not include copyrighted material. The words, “For more information on apartheid and to join the campaign go to or” must appear at the beginning and end of the video.
Videos must be received no later than June 20th 2010
Will be done by an expert panel (Expert Panel Prize). Popular jury’s will be held in Palatine (Palestinian Jury prize) and in other locations (Global Jury Prize). An overall prize will be the combination of all juries. Popular Juries may give prizes locally.
Prizes will be awarded for the five top-rated videos:
Overall Prize $500
Expert Jury Prize: $300
Palestinian Jury Prize: $300
Global Jury Prize: $300
Use of the Videos
All videos will remain the property of the maker, but itISapartheid retains the right to use, disseminate and/or display them in any way it deems appropriate.
Videos must be accompanied by a statement from the maker including her/his name, contact information and any companies, organizations and/or agencies with which s/he is associated. Competitors must also include a statement acknowledging acceptance of the terms of use.
Film Festivals
Prize winning videos will be screened by film festival around the globe.
The contest is organized by in partnership with Stop the Wall

The contest is Co-Sponsored by: Badil, Code Pink, Friends of Sabeel North America, ICAHD-USA, and Unitarian-Universalists for Justice in the Middle East; AJJP Boston, Palestine Freedom Project, American Muslims for Palestine. Endorsers: MECA, US Campaign to End the Lajee Center, Al-Rowwad Center, and Al-Rowwad USA, Boston Palestinian Film Festival, ADC American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee Massachusetts. IJAN, Al-Alwad Palestinian Right of Return Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Committee, South Africa, SOAS Palestine Society, London
If you have questions or need further information write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.