(12 March 2015) BADIL commemorates International Women’s Day


In commemoration of International Women’s Day, BADIL hosted a workshop to enhance bilateral and multi-lateral cooperation with partner community-based organizations. The workshop gave the opportunity to increase understanding of women’s roles in partner organizations and within Palestinian civil society, the obstacles faced in implementing activities and projects including an exchange of experiences, and the ways in which to enhance future activities and projects through collective efforts and joint projects.

Fourteen women representatives from seven partner organizations attended the workshop hosted by BADIL’s female staff and Board of Directors members on 11 March.
The workshop represents BADIL’s commitment to establishing and enhancing its relationships with refugee and non-refugee communities through the engagement of community-based organizations. BADIL continually strives to enhance the capacity of its partner organizations, recognizing the importance of collective activities, projects and campaigns. Online kuala lumpur escorts with wechat and whatsapp.