(22 June 2015) BADIL attended the 29th Human Rights Council session, (June 15 and July 3 2015)


UN Human Rights Council 29th session 

(15 June - July )

Palais des Nations, Geneva

The first week of the HRC session, (15-19 June), was of great relevance to the upholding of the fundamental rights of the Palestinian people.

In his opening for the HRC, Mr. Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, High Commissioner for Human Rights, made an oral update expressing his concern regarding the lack of compliance of many states with their human right obligations, including the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Mr. Al Hussein showed his great concern over the blockade and unacceptably slow reconstruction effort in the Gaza Strip, as well as his fear for the potential of renewed violence in the area. He expressed his hopes for the upcoming report of the Commission of Inquiry in respect of Gaza to serve as a tool for justice and to help hold the perpetrators of violations accountable for their crimes.

The High Commissioner also expressed his concern over the pending demolition orders affecting Palestinians in the oPt.

Following this statement, certain State representatives expressed their concern on the situation of HUMAN RIGHTS in the OPT. For example, Pakistan (on behalf of OIC), voiced their concern on the situation in the OPT and the need to ensure accountability of all international violations committed by Israel. Algeria also showed its general concern regarding the situation in Palestine. France stated that human rights of all individuals must be respected independently of their religion or ethnicity. The delegate mentioned the situation in the Middle East and the need for persecuted populations to be allowed to return to their homes, as well as the need for effective monitoring mechanisms. He concluded the speech with reference to the summer 2014 events which occurred in Gaza, and requested all member states to cooperate with the Commission of Inquiry.

The delegate of the Maldives voiced concern regarding the behaviour of Israeli forces in the OPT and the attacks and denial of Palestinian human rights, as well as their concern over the precarious situation of children in the Gaza Strip, and over the illegal blockade of this enclave. The Delegate encouraged the International Community to require Israel to comply with its international legal obligations and to respect the rights of the Palestinian people and, in particular, their right to self-determination. In the same vein, Turkey claimed that for an improvement in the human rights situation in Palestine, there must first come an end to the Israeli occupation.

On Tuesday 16 June BADIL attended the Clustered Interactive Dialogue (ID) with the Working Group on Transnational Corporations and Human Rights (TNCs), with a report presented by the Special Rapporteur on trafficking.

Mr. Michael K. Addo, Special Rapporteur of the working group on the issue of human rights and TNCs, highlighted the role played by independent civil society organizations and the media when human rights concerns arise. He stated his concern regarding the general low awareness of human rights violations committed by business enterprises. The Special Rapporteur emphasised the need for ensuring accountability for those hampering sustainable development, as well as the commitment for human rights as a central pillar in the development agenda. He noted that the positive role of businesses in the development process is acknowledged but not so much its influence in human rights.

On 16 June 2015 BADIL also attended a side event co-organized by Turkey, Qatar and Portugal.

BADIL asked the panel if they were approaching colleges and universities around the World with a view to partnering with them on free distance learning programs for diplomas and degrees etc, as less than 1% of refugees have access to tertiary education. The panelists showed their interests in discussing new ways forward with educational institutions and provided their business cards to make contact.

On 17 Wednesday BADIL attended the Clustered ID, with reports submitted by the Special Rapporteur on violence against women and Special Rapporteur on internally displaced persons.

The Special Rapporteur gave particular attention to the fact that internal displacement is not only an humanitarian issue, but also a development concern, and there exists a need to focus on medium-long term solutions for IDPs.

The State of Palestine, in its oral statement, reminded the international community that the situation faced by Palestinians uprooted from their lands is caused by the actions of Israeli forces. The Delegate emphasized the need to stop the Occupying Power, as well as the current situation in the Gaza Strip. The Special Rapporteur replied, expressing his concern over the human rights situation in the area. sexescortguide.com

On Thursday 18 June BADIL attended the Clustered Interactive Dialogue, with reports submitted by the Special Rapporteur on independence of judges & lawyers and the Special Rapporteur on right to health, as well as the Clustered Interactive Dialogue, in which reports were submitted by Special Rapporteur on the right to education and the Special Rapporteur on human rights and international solidarity.

Finally, BADIL is currently organizing a side event, in which professors and representatives of NGOs will discuss the legal and practical situation of Palestinian refugees in Syria, to be held on the 25th of June.