(11 July 2016) BADIL Job Vacancy Announcement: Research Unit Program Coordinator

Job Vacancy Announcement
Job Title: Research Unit Program Coordinator
Scope: Full Time
Available: Immediately
Deadline for applications: Friday, 22 July 2016, by 16:00 pm and sent via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Late applications will not be considered.
Application must include: CV/Resume, Letter of interest/personal statement in English, a sample of applicant’s research and 2 references. Only complete applications will be considered by the selection committee. Starting immediately
Role Purpose:
The Research Unit Manager/Program Coordinator is responsible to ensure efficient and effective planning, implementation and reporting of research publications, production of tools, projects and activities of BADIL’s Research and Production Unit. The manager/coordinator is also responsible to contribute to organizational management and development in accordance with the vision, mission and strategy of BADIL.
Main Responsibilities:
  • Lead, coordinate, manage, supervise and conduct research and writing for BADIL legal studies, fact sheets and briefs, including the bi-annual Survey of Palestinian Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons and legal submissions, statements and reports
  • Plan, review, revise unit and organizational action plans, and assign activities and tasks to unit staff as dictated by the plans;
  • Manage, supervise and direct unit program and human resources, including the guidance and supervision of staff, volunteers and contracted personnel within the unit;
  • Provide professional assistance and support to the other units, community mobilization, legal and international advocacy and finance and administration;
  • Supervision and guidance of the production of all BADIL publications (non-research publications), and the writing/editing/translation of designated materials;
  • Serving as resource person for BADIL, in particular being responsible for responding to written information requests made to BADIL;
  • Ensure professional legal review including Arabic and English-language editing of BADIL research;
Minimum Qualifications:
  1. Master degree in legal studies, preferably in – International humanitarian and human rights law (IHL and IHRL)
  2. Sound knowledge and understanding of history and politics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and relevant international law;
  3. 3 years experience in conducting, producing and editing legal research and/ or working in relevant field.
  4. Excellent communication, writing and presentation skills (in both  English and Arabic)
  5. Skilled in proof-reading and editing.
Preference shall be given to candidates that are Arabic natives and female candidates with equal or higher qualifications. Only those shortlisted will be contacted.