(16 August 2018) BADIL Completes Four Day Youth Awda Training School

BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights recently concluded the Awda (return) training school, on August 12, which spanned four days, in Ibdaa Cultural Center in Dheisheh Refugee Camp in Bethlehem.

On Thursday 9 August 2018, 30 youth participants (including 18 females) attended from different areas on both sides of the Green Line. This school aimed to raise the awareness of rights holders, reinforce their abilities.

Various training topics took place during the four days of the school; including lectures about the Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons’ rights, the ongoing Nakba, and the current situation of the Palestinian refugees after more than seventy years of displacement. In addition to discussion circles that tackled the Palestinian identity, unity, and practicality of return for Palestinian refugees and internally displaced people. Also, this school also included skills based training, and communication and networking skills.

The participants were introduced to the systematic racism that Israel applies on both sides of the green line and its impact on Palestinians, the strategies that Israel is using to displace Palestinians from their houses and homeland for more than seventy years, and raising their awareness about the tools of increasing their steadfastness in resisting the Israeli policies using rights based approach.

The program included field visits to Dheisheh and Aida refugee camps, and Al-Walaja, Wadi Fokeen, and Bait Sakaria; three Palestinian villages located within Etzion colonial block to observe the realities resulting from Israeli policies that aim to displace Palestinians and confiscate their lands.