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BADIL’s Ongoing Nakba Education Center - Latest Update

BADIL Resource Center for Residency and Refugee Rights  is delighted to announce through its Ongoing Nakba Education Center (ONEC) the release of the latest multi-media advocacy tools on the ONEC website. Several new tools have been added to the project documenting further cases of Palestinian displacement. Included in the latest updates are:


Imwas - The village of Imwas, located in the Latrun enclave on the road between Jerusalem and Jaffa, was attacked in 1948 although local resistance successfully defended the village. In 1967, the village was again attacked and entirely ethnically cleansed. The land was later taken over by the Jewish National Fund, and today Canada Park is built over the ruins of Imwas, Yalu, Bayt Nuba and Dayr Ayoob:

Silwan - For Silwan's 60,000 Palestinian residents, acquiring building permits and licenses within Israel's Apartheid system has become virtually impossible. Houses are subsequently declared 'illegal', and residents are punished with huge fines and regular demolitions. Silwan's story highlights many of the harsh realities of Occupation policies across East Jerusalem, whilst emanating true sumoud as the struggle for Palestinian existence and identity continues:


al-Walaja: 'The ongoing Nakba in al-Walaja' - A podcast documentary telling the story of the Jerusalem village of al-Walaja and the ongoing struggle of its villagers against displacement that began in 1948 and continues to this day. Featuring interviews with various members of the local community including survivors on the original 1948 Nakba.

Jaffa: 'Land Day in Jaffa' - A podcast documentary looking into the origins of the Palestinian Land Day and the ongoing processes of Nakba that have continued in different forms since 1948 in Jaffa. Featuring interviews with various Palestinians participating in the Land Day event that highlight Palestinian 'sumoud' (steadfastness) as well as many aspects of the Ongoing Nakba:

Photographic Galleries:

Khirbet Umm Burj (Hebron) - A photo story about the depopulated Palestinian village of Khirbet Umm Burj in the Hebron district of 1948 Palestine:

Ayn Ghazal (Haifa) - A photo story about the depopulated Palestinian village of Ayn Ghazal in the Haifa district of 1948 Palestine:


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