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BADIL's Youth Empowerment Project concluded with Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon
BADIL's Youth Empowerment Project concluded with Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon


BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights concluded a multiphase empowerment project for Palestinian refugee youth in Lebanon, in cooperation with the Aidoun (Center for Refugee Rights), and the Majid Abu Sharar Media Foundation.

The course that took place from 1 – 7 July, and had 17 participants (13 female, 4 males), aimed to improve the research and multimedia production skills of the participants, and to enable them to produce visual reports that address pressing issues of the Palestinian refugee community in Lebanon.

The course itself was held over three phases; the first phase included an orientation meeting and introducing the participants to the research methodologies. The second stage included trainings on how to prepare photographic reports and visual stories. Finally, the third stage of the training involved the participants designing and implementing their own initiatives and projects in accordance with the training that they received.

As part of the third stage of the course, the participants produced several videos and visual reports that tackled a number of issues concerning the cause of Palestinian refugee.  From the 17 productions, three short video reports that showed the most outstanding merit were selected and won awards for the best three videos produced by the participants. The first video, “From Gray to Green”, addressed the way in which Palestinian refugees in Lebanon utilize the roof of their houses for planting, due to the limited spaces they have in refugee camps. The second video entitled “Palestine and the Land Sale Propaganda” tackled the issue of Israeli-Zionist propaganda over land ownership in Mandatory Palestine. Finally, the third winning video, “Between a Promise and a Deal”, discussed the issue of the so-called “Deal of the Century”, its denial of the right of return for Palestinian refugees, and the personal perspectives of refugees with regard to “the Deal”.

This project is part of BADIL’s efforts to engage and mobilize Palestinian partner organizations that work with Palestinian refugees wherever they are located. It also comes within the framework of the efforts made by BADIL to empower and equip young people with the knowledge and necessary skills to enhance their resilience and raise their voices to demand their rights.